Grand Rapids WiFi Listings

After nine years (more if you count a previous incarnation), has closed its doors.

For the first few years of that it was the place to find out where you could go in Grand Rapids, Michigan to get access to free wifi. It gathered reviews and ratings from its users and catalogued well over one hundred cafes, bars, libraries and other hotspots. It was one of the first sites to embed Google Maps in its pages (even before google officially supported that).

The site fell into a bit of disrepair when I left GR for my native London, UK and despite some interest over the years no-one stepped up to take it over. Sites like this decay over time and it was time to say good bye rather than provide bad information.

The code and database still exist should anyone want to revive the site and it lives on in the Internet Archive.

And if you want to keep up with me (James Stewart, maintainer of you can find me at sporadically blogging on or on twitter.